Winter Sports

图片1Winter outdoor fitness can not only exercise the body, but also can exercise the quality of will, improve the body’s cold tolerance, it can be said to have many benefits.

Winter is the coldest season of the year round, especially in northern China, where the temperature can be as low as minus 20 or 30 degrees Celsius.But the cold air can not stop people who love outdoor sports from getting close to nature and challenging the pace of nature, let alone only in winter can they provide a rare sports and entertainment place for ice and snow sports fans.


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Winter outdoor fitness can not only exercise the body, but also can exercise the quality of will, improve the body’s cold tolerance, it can be said to have many benefits.

However, the large reduction in the environmental temperature will have a series of effects on human metabolism, which in the demand of various nutrients. If we can scientifically adjust diet according to these changes, it can help us better improve our physical quality and cold tolerance, if we can not adjust the nutritional structure in time, exercise may not achieve the desired purpose.

Therefore, you should understand some basic nutritional principles of winter outdoor sports before putting on sports gear to go out.


01 Winter sports should fill in more sugar

Due to the increased calorie loss in low temperatures, people need to consume more calories in winter than in summer, which is why people are more likely to feel hungry in winter.To increase the calories, the sugar and fat intake need to be increased.People living and exercising in alpine areas should appropriately increase some oil intake, on the one hand, provide calories, on the other hand, increase the fat reserves in their body, which can play the role of maintaining body temperature and resisting the cold.But in the outdoor temperature is not very low, and usually to indoor work for people, do not need a lot of fat, but should be based on sugar, especially for their weight more care about people do not increase the intake of fat.

The best time to fill sugar is in outdoor sports, every 20 to 30 minutes of 25 or so grams of sugar, so that not only can make the exercise effect better, but also the body is not easy to fatigue, after the exercise is more easy to recover, will not affect the work and study.The sugar added during exercise can be used in exercise, without excess and conversion into fat.It should be noted that the supplementary sugar is best to choose oligosaccharides, now the sugar in many sports drinks is mainly oligosaccharides, while most carbonated drinks are mainly monosaccharides, drinking in exercise is not conducive to improving exercise ability, and carbonate

Gases take away calories, so carbonated drinks are not suitable for exercise, or in winter.





The scientific ratio of water and electrolyte, the osmotic pressure of drinks is similar to the osmotic pressure of body fluids, and the composition is similar to the natural sweat of the human body, which can quickly supplement the loss of water, electrolytes and other components caused by exercise sweating.In addition, the ratio of sugar has also been scientifically adjusted. One is sugar-containing “isotonic sports drink” and the other is sugar-free “isotonic electrolyte drink”, which further divides the exercise scene to meet the hydration needs under different exercise intensity.

02 Vitamin supplements to improve cold tolerance


Vitamin B1, B2, PP, B6, C and E can mainly improve cold tolerance, especially when people living in northeast China have a much higher need for vitamin C than those in temperate tropical regions.In order to increase the intake of these vitamins can choose green vegetables, red and yellow vegetables and fruits, etc., in some difficult to get fresh vegetables area can use multivitamin preparations to make up, even can eat enough fresh vegetables, if a small amount of multivitamin preparations, can achieve more comprehensive supplement and better health care effect.




A variety of plants and vegetables, N + 1 kinds of fruits and vegetables, inside and outside, containing a variety of green vegetables and fruit extracts: orange, conicherry, apple, seabuckthorn fruit, carrots, oats, etc., all aspects to enhance nutrition, multi-dimensional strong body.Vitamin C is antioxidant, maintains skin condition and helps discharge toxins in the body; vitamin B improves body immunity; vitamin E enhances immunity and antioxidant.At the same time, a variety of vitamins and minerals can not be themselves, to avoid the lack of vitamins and minerals in a single product, maintain the body vitality, energy always online.

03 Supplement nutrients nutrient inorganic salts

odium, copper and so on are more prone to occur in the cold climate conditions of the lack of nutritional elements, and milk, animal liver, green vegetables, soy products, kelp, seaweed and other foods are rich in these nutrients, so they are also the preferred cold food in winter.




Rich in plant active selenium, triterpenes, total flavonoids, total saponin, vitamin C, a variety of amino acids and other 6 nutrients, 0 sugar 0 fat 0 taurine 0 caffeine, Tibetan medicine and food plant extraction, healthy ingredients, no body burden, suitable for fitness, high intensity exercise, outdoor sports, extreme sports people.Drinking during exercise can effectively stabilize the heart rate, maintain blood oxygen, and help improve the exercise efficiency.Drinking after exercise can effectively repair muscles and improve joint inflammation.

Of course, in addition to the above nutrition principles, winter go out before don’t forget to wear a hat can cold, you know, 30 to 40 percent of outdoor heat are lost from our head, if wearing a hat, will make you in outdoor sports time longer, more enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.


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