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  • Post time: Apr-07-2023

    ——A Must-Visit Event for Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts Are you a fitness and sports lover looking for the ultimate experience? Then you can't miss the IWF SHANGHAI FITNESS EXPO, a leading international event for sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Held annually in...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-27-2023

    Exercise rehabilitation is a vital component of recovery for many individuals who have suffered injuries or have chronic conditions. It is a process that involves physical activity, performed under the guidance of a healthcare professional, to help restore strength, mobility, and function to affe...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-21-2023

    June 24-26  SNIEC | Shanghai | China INE SHANGHAI 2023 Nutrition Health Expo is an event that brings organizations, bushiness man, individuals together with a focus on promoting healthy diet habits and overall wellness. At a nutrition health expo, attendees can learn about a variety of topics rel...Read more »

  • New stage for control of COVID-19
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    Starting from Jan 8 next year, COVID-19 will be managed as a Category B infectious disease rather than as Category A, the National Health Commission said in a statement issued on late Monday. This is indeed an important adjustment following the loosening of the tight prevention and control measur...Read more »

  • Timely change of tack in virus fight
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    Lifting the strict virus controls by no means indicates the government has surrendered to the virus. Instead, the optimization of the prevention and control measures are in line with the current epidemic situation. On the one hand, the variants of the novel coronavirus responsible for the current...Read more »

  • No test, health code needed for traveling
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    China’s transportation authorities have directed all domestic transportation service providers to resume regular operations in response to the optimized COVID-19 containment measures and boost the flow of goods and passengers, while also facilitating the resumption of work and production. P...Read more »

  • How to protect yourself against COVID in various scenarios
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    Read more »

  • More COVID curbs eased in Beijing, other cities
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    Authorities in several Chinese regions eased COVID-19 restrictions to varying degrees on Tuesday, slowly and steadily adopting a new approach to deal with the virus and making life less regimented for the people.     In Beijing, where commuting rules have already been relaxed, visitors ...Read more »

  • COVID controls fine-tuned in cities
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    Optimized rules include reduced testing, better medical access Several cities and provinces have recently optimized COVID-19 control measures concerning mass nucleic acid testing and medical services to minimize the impact on people and economic activity. Starting on Monday, Shanghai will no long...Read more »

  • Overseas Chinese, investors cheer new COVID-19 measures
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    The last time Nancy Wang returned to China was in the spring of 2019. She was still a student at the University of Miami at the time. She graduated two years ago and is working in New York City.   ▲ Travellers walk with their luggage at Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing Dec 2...Read more »

  • 2023 IWF – Have a New Schedule
    Post time: Dec-29-2022

    2023 IWF – Have a New Schedule   Dear Exhibitors, visitors, media friends, and partners: Given that the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation is complex and grim in many Chinese provinces and cities, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control of Shangha...Read more »

  • Exercise Might Ease Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment
    Post time: Nov-30-2022

    Researchers from Edith Cowan University in Australia included 89 women in this study – 43 participated in the exercise portion; the control group did not. Exercisers did a 12-week home-based program. It included weekly resistance training sessions and 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise. ...Read more »

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