China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA)

CSSGA is a first grade national industrial association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and a national industrial organization comprised of enterprises that manufacture and distribute educational, sports, and recreational products, instruments, equipment, and devices. Its scope of industries contain fitness and leisure devices and products, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and products, military sports equipment and instruments, traveling and camping equipment and devices, all kinds of appliances for hunting, chess and card games, various equipment, devices and products for fishing and water sports etc. CSSGA carry out various activities under the arrangement of gov.

China Sports Publications of General Administration of Sport of China

The General Administration of Sport of China is a national administrative organization.

Donnor Exhibition Group

Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a large-scale organization for exhibitions and conferences. It aims to promote the international trade and business communication. Consist of many well-experienced employees of exhibition, we have build good relationship with enterprises, association, gov., exhibition, media and press, which lay solid foundation for top brand fair. At present, we develop our business and services from Shanghai to all the nations, to achieve win-win future with international clients for all the cooperation of economy, trade, technology based on exhibition.