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The COVID-19 Pandemic has already bring most industries huge influence, as one of those industries, sports service industry also now facing great challenge.


This crisis is not only an challenge, but also an opportunity for sports service industry. Towards this important market movements, operators start to use different methods to avoid the negative influence from this crisis, those methods includes change their management concept, improve the service level, taking care of customers’ mental health and improve their brand value.

  •  Swimming Pool from Club – Unprofitable but Necessary

Swimming Pool is an value-added products for most fitness club. Towards traditional fitness club, the operating items and profit points are already fixed, but swimming pool as one of the infrastructure inside fitness club, the profitability can be neglected. The construction cost, energy cost, operation cost and maintenance cost of a swimming pool is comparatively high to other equipment inside fitness club.

Club Swimming Pool

The children’s swimming class is an regular products for most fitness club with swimming pool, but towards customers, this kind of class have very low customer stickiness, because after the children learned swimming, it will be very difficult to renewal of a contract, otherwise, the use ratio of swimming pool (15%~30%) is always low compare to other equipment because of the seasonal change.


However, although the swimming pool is an “useless” Infrastructure, but the fitness club with a swimming pool are always have more advantage on sales, so that’s why how to make swimming pool a profit point is the real question we need to consider.

  •  Decrease the Operation Cost of Swimming Pool


How to increase the using ratio of the swimming pool, developing new customer group and increase customer stickiness is the main question for club manager. The main element inside swimming pool is water, that’s why increasing the quality of the water is one of the key point to increase the using ratio of swimming pool.

The traditional method to disinfect a swimming pool is to add disinfectant and change water by short period, but although those methods can increase the quality of water, but it will also increase the operation cost both from economic side and time side, also, disinfectant will always bring negative effect to children’s body, that’s why some parents or members avoid to use swimming pools. To reduce the operation cost, increase water quality and increase the use ratio of swimming pool is the requirement of our solution — Use pure physical disinfect method with out disinfectant to improve the water quality.

  •  Develop Value-Added Services


After increased the quality of water, to add more high-end parent-child swimming items, expend the customer age level, make the customer target from age 0~14 to all age group. Also, to change the existing teaching system and add more parent-child class can increase parents’ customer stickiness, make the teaching system more mature, most importantly, leads those parents become customers too.


From the using ratio of swimming pool, if the swimming pool is half standard pool, which is 25m*12.5m area with 1.2m~1.4m deep, may able to fit into 5 or 6 class in same time with scale of 6 children, and each class price of 300 RMB, the sales volume can reach around 6 to 8 million RMB one year with 1000 club members. Also because of the high level of water quality, it’s able to open characteristic course like water yoga and underwater spinning, those innovative content could increase customer stickiness in great degree.

According to the data above, to change the operation concept of swimming pool from fitness club can increase the sales volume of wet fitness area in great extent, also the increase of swimming pool quality can bring more fitness members to club in the same time.

If you want to know more of how to increase the quality of swimming pool from fitness club, IWF Beijing is your best choice in 2020.

The guest speaker Liu Yan will talk about how innovation can happen in Swimming Pool – Drinkable water in Swimming Pool.

IWF Beijing / Jianguo Convention Center, Beijing International Hotel / 2020.12.10~2020.12.11


Post time: Nov-11-2020