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    Post time: Oct-14-2022

      1.Platform Promotion IWF official website in Chinese: IWF official website in English: Promote exhibitor products and services, help brand promotion, including LOGO / enterprise introduction / advantage product information, etc.   Ni...Read more »

  • List of China Fitness Ceremonies
    Post time: Oct-14-2022

        List of China Fitness Ceremonies IWF China Fitness Festival has been for ten years, always adhere to create a fashion fitness festival integrated with the think tank forum, competition, award ceremony, education, training, interactive experience  for the sports fitness industry eli...Read more »

  • Review of the 2022 China Fitness
    Post time: Oct-14-2022

          Review of the 2022 China Fitness Ceremony   Think Tank Forum Focus on the development of industry trends to help the new industrial upgrading Under the background of the slogan of “National Fitness”, the domestic fitness industry is glowing with new vitality...Read more »

  • Exhibition Data
    Post time: Oct-14-2022

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  • 2022 IWF end, but new start! See you next March!
    Post time: Oct-14-2022

    On September 1st, 2022IWF International Fitness Exhibition was successfully concluded in Nanjing International Expo Center! As this year’s industry long-awaited sports and fitness exhibition, this year’s exhibition carries too much significance and expectations. Despite the repeated o...Read more »

  • 10 Tips for Safely Increasing the Difficulty of Your Workouts
    Post time: Aug-12-2022

    In order to make progress in an exercise program, you need to smartly push yourself out of your comfort zone. If your exercise routine is always comfortable, it’s likely not challenging you. Walking the same route through the neighborhood or performing the same strength-training program week afte...Read more »

  • Exercising Safely With Back Pain
    Post time: Aug-12-2022

    Research has shown that exercise can help promote spine health and reduce the intensity and recurrence of back pain episodes. Exercise can increase spinal stability, encourage blood flow circulation to the spine’s soft tissues and improve overall posture and spinal flexibility.    ...Read more »

  • Free for IWF Courses! You can get it!
    Post time: Aug-12-2022

    Free for IWF Courses! You can get it! IWF China Fitness Ceremony is a sports and fitness industry event launched by IWF International Fitness Exhibition. It is committed to creating a fitness trend feast integrating think tank forum, education and training, event competition and interactive award...Read more »

  • Fusion& Symbiosis | the 9th China Fitness Leader Forum will held soon!
    Post time: Aug-12-2022

    Fusion& Symbiosis | the 9th China Fitness Leader Forum will held soon! Since 2014, the IWF International Fitness Fair has successfully held eight China Fitness Leaders Forum. In recent years, the organizing committee has gathered outstanding business leaders from different fields on the China...Read more »

  • The 6th Modern Gym Style is waiting for you!
    Post time: Jul-27-2022

    The first “Modern Gym Style” China Fitness Space Design Competition was launched in October 2016, and has attracted wide attention from the fitness and design industry since it was launched. It is an industry-first comprehensive fitness space design competition spanning the sports, fi...Read more »

  • Countdown to 60 days! Passion in August, and meet you in Nanjing!
    Post time: Jul-27-2022

    In 2022, IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition will come again. This year, the exhibition address will be moved to Nanjing International Expo Center for the first time, scheduled from August 30th to September 1st, the wonderful will certainly live up to expectations! The 9th IWF Shanghai...Read more »

  • How to exercise during a work trip and stay fit while traveling
    Post time: Jul-21-2022

    By Erica Lamberg | Fox News If you’re traveling for work these days, make sure to keep your fitness goals in mind. Your itinerary could include early-morning sales calls, late-day business meetings — and also long lunches, late-night meals entertaining clients and even follow-up work at night in ...Read more »