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  • The Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI
    Post time: Apr-13-2022

      The Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI     KangRui Elite boxing gloves: imported fetal cowhide, a strong sense of metal , high thickness, clear leather texture, multi-layer imported latex composite liner. The version is developed for professionals, with moderate bending, hand-cut stit...Loe edasi »

  • “Fitness” is in the Winter Olympics
    Post time: Mar-25-2022

    This Spring Festival is so busy!!!!!!!!!!!! Various netizens are still “dazzle” the granulated sugar orange The arrival of the Winter Olympics has caused a national carnival!! Top flow ice pier pier a pier is hard to find Gu Ailing won gold and let many netizens call it “cool te...Loe edasi »

  • The Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI
    Post time: Mar-25-2022

      HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor This is a versatile optical armband heart rate monitor HW807 that measures heart rate from your arm or temple. The device has a LED with 5 colors to show heart rate zones, so users could notice their heart rate change through the LED light color. Equipped ...Loe edasi »

  • Physical education after double reduction: 100 billion market joy and worry
    Post time: Mar-25-2022

    The grand opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics began on The night of February 4.As early as 2015, when Beijing bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, China made a solemn commitment to —— to “encourage 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”.Now the goal has moved ...Loe edasi »

  • Ice Hockey 3V3 Championship Match
    Post time: Mar-22-2022

    The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics officially concluded yesterday, and the passion and blood brought by the Olympic Games will not retreat.With the grand goal of 300 million people on ice and snow and the hot atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, dry ground ice hockey, which can be played without ice,...Loe edasi »

  • How to integrate sports rehabilitation with fitness crossover?From the perspective of industry to analyze the present situation of formats | IWF Beijing
    Post time: Mar-21-2022

      With the national fitness craze and the number of sports injuries caused by excessive or unscientific sports increases, the market demand for sports rehabilitation is increasing year by year. As a leading sports and fitness service platform in Asia, IWF Beijing International Fitness Exhibition ...Loe edasi »

  • The Exhibitors of IWF SHANGHAI
    Post time: Mar-18-2022

        Weldconn To pursuit high quality , Xiamen Weldconn Technology Co.,Ltd has been providing customers with perfect elliptical equipment. With simple out-of-box assembly,quickly and easily set up your elliptical in just a few minute.Comfort is always the key.The stride of different mo...Loe edasi »

  • How does skiing prevent sports injury? And how to save yourself?
    Post time: Mar-17-2022

    How does skiing prevent sports injury? And how to save yourself?   Recently, I believe that everyone is paying attention to the good results of the Winter Olympics. The 18-year-old Yang Shuorui was injured in a warm-up training before the women’s freestyle ski jump qualification compet...Loe edasi »

  • Five key points for the food and beverage and supplements industry to focus on in 2022
    Post time: Mar-16-2022

    Author:kariya Source of picture:pixabay We are in the era of huge change in consumption trend, grasping the market trend is the key to the success of food and beverage enterprises.FrieslandCampina Ingredients, a feature material supplier, has released a report based on research on the latest m...Loe edasi »

  • The Exhibitors of IWF SHANGHAI
    Post time: Mar-16-2022

      Crossmax multi function crossover cable machine tube: 75x75x3mm, laser cutting hole with No. weight stacks: 5kg/pcs, 75kg of each side  by normal. can customized into 300LBS of each. color: most Black hot selling,other colors can customized. this one rack ,can meet your full need of powe...Loe edasi »

    Post time: Mar-16-2022

    The temperature rises, and the weather warms up!   Your whole body of DNA is talking to you Move quickly!!   May 1-3, to give you a great feast: China Fitness Festival” Classic think tank forum + event activities + education and training + dinner award combination   2022 IWF ...Loe edasi »

  • The Exhibitors of IWF SHANGHAI
    Post time: Mar-14-2022

    MONAMI MONAMI T3 Series Treadmill l lThe Essence of MONAMI’S DNA; l lHidden screw hole to keep a nice appearance; l lIt is concise, exquisite with smooth lines and very aesthetically pleasing’ l lThe ingenious design of the front end of the motor guides people’s vision upwards, which breaks the ...Loe edasi »