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  • IWF 10th Anniversary Review
    Post time: Dec-15-2023

    China Int’l Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo has been successfully held for 10 sessions and integrated trade, education and experience together, IWF Expo is a professional, international trade and exchange platform for first-class fitness equipment and accessories, rehabilitation facilities and equ...Read more »

  • China Fitness Equipment Industry Base Hebei
    Post time: Dec-07-2023

    Various lightweight fitness products have seen a significant surge. In the first half of 2023, the product price index fluctuated with a slight overall decline, closing at 102.01 points in June. The industrial development index showed a significant upward trend, reaching a historical high with a ...Read more »

  • Kettle-bell Fitness: More Than Exercise, It’s a Lifestyle!
    Post time: Dec-07-2023

    IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo, as the leading professional fitness exhibition in Asia, has firmly rooted itself in Shanghai. It builds its foundation on “technology” and showcases its determination through “innovation,” providing an efficient business matchmaking...Read more »

  • Digital Sports | IWF2024 Empowering Sports & Fitness
    Post time: Dec-07-2023

    Facing the rapid upgrading and development of sports ecology, the corresponding technological revolution is also quietly changing. With the continuous upgrading of technology types, traditional media technology has been gradually replaced by Internet information technology. China’s current ...Read more »

  • Pilates Training| The Momentum Increasing Sports in Industry
    Post time: Nov-17-2023

    For those who are not yet familiar with Pilates as the clout-increasing sports, it is a comprehensive physical therapy, which emphasizes the core stability of one’s body while the muscles are getting relaxed and soothed. The positioning of this fitness program is gradually transformed from high-e...Read more »

  • Be Global Be Digital | Pre-Registration for IWF 2024
    Post time: Nov-15-2023

    Climbing the peak bravely and constantly refreshing the limits of oneself is the spirit that every fitness person upholds. If you are dedicated yourself into sports, you definitely should try IWF SHANGHAI FITNESS FAIR, the prestigious global event where thousands of visitors and exhibitors gather...Read more »

  • IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion
    Post time: Nov-15-2023

    24-26th June, nearly 60,000 people, leaders gathered, ideas exchanged, exciting events happened. On this big stage of professional sports and fitness, exhibitors and many professional buyers covering 65+ countries and regions around the world have in-depth communications, bringing IWF Shanghai In...Read more »

  • Annual Dinner Party – 10th Anniversary special 10th Anniversary special l 2023 IWF· Harison Annual Dinner Party!
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    Ten years is just the prime of youth, forging ahead for the future. Ten years, compared with light years is only a very small section, is a summary of the past, but also the prospect of the future. If the industry is the galaxy, then IWF SHANGHAI is willing to be an astr...Read more »

  • IWF 10th Anniversary l Overseas Promotion
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    IWF | Overseas Invitation IWF 2024 has a global layout, does not define boundaries, digs deep into the international market, and increases the investment in overseas promotion. IWF team actively launched invitation work, buyers from Germany, Japan, the United States, Sou...Read more »

  • IWF 10th Anniversary l International perspective
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    “International perspective, strategic change layout of the global market, B2B to build a global industrial chain connectivity to release strong momentum of economic bridge platform.” -- IWF 10th Anniversary At the time of global cooperation and economic recovery, IWF cha...Read more »

  • IWF 2024-Free Hotel for overseas visitors!!!
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    In order to further facilitate the travel of overseas buyers, the organizing committee of IWF Shanghai Fitness Expo has specially provided "Free Hotel Accommodation Sponsorship for Overseas Buyers" policy for those overseas visitors (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau) f...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-07-2023

    ——A Must-Visit Event for Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts Are you a fitness and sports lover looking for the ultimate experience? Then you can't miss the IWF SHANGHAI FITNESS EXPO, a leading international event for sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Held annually in...Read more »