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  • Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI – Vibram
    Post time: Jun-08-2019

    Vibram S.p.A. is an Italian company based in Albizzate that both manufactures and licenses the production of Vibram branded rubber outsoles for footwear. The company is named after its founder, Vitale Bramani who is credited with inventing the first rubber lug. Vibram soles were first used on mo...Read more »

  • Under the change, IWF Comes From Asia Towards the world
    Post time: May-28-2019

    In the coming years, it is the key period of China to develop, adjustment period of international conflict and change, also developing period for Chinese companies to open global marketing. It is an adjustment period of conflicts in international pattern,It is a development period of transformat...Read more »

  • Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI – SPART
    Post time: May-23-2019

    Strength, balance and agility are the three keywords on which SPART builds a collection entirely dedicated to the functional training. The SPART name comes from the old Greek warriors, which is the most strong fighter in the world! Equipments allow you to focus on managing your own body weight t...Read more »

  • Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI – Joinfit
    Post time: Apr-10-2019

    Joinfit can be found in 4300+ fitness clubs, training rooms of many National Teams in China, and is frequently featured on fitness magazines and newspapers in China as the preferred and premier functional training equipment. Though Joinfit is professional in different sports and fitness functio...Read more »

  • UFC Looks for Business Partner
    Post time: Apr-02-2019

    Starting in 1993 as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, UFC® has revolutionized the fight business and today stands as a premium global sports brand, media content company and the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider in the world. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contac...Read more »

  • Countless Change in IWF 2020
    Post time: Mar-29-2019

    Without doubt, the fitness trade show in March is the busiest one in 2019. 1.Trading: 78,000 sqm exhibiting area, 713 brands, 57,312 buyers 2.Training: 100+ events, 400+ courses 3.Competitions: 16 forums, 23 competitions As you can see, IWF is qualified to be one of the largest exhibitions in th...Read more »

  • Winner of the Visitors’ Choice Award 2018 on 10 times
    Post time: Mar-23-2019

    China (Shanghai) Int’l Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo (Short for: IWF SHANGHAI) is the winner of the Visitors’ Choice award 2018 with smashing numbers of registrations achieved on The awards recognize the visitors’ favourite events around the world. Visitors...Read more »

  • Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI – Marathon Time
    Post time: Mar-18-2019

    Marathon Time is a Hungarian Nutrition production, dealing with the development and distribution of vitamin and mineral supplements. Marathon Time’s products are produced on the basis of pharmaceutical practice and quality assurance (GMP). They are of high-quality, safe and have been regist...Read more »

  • Event Highlight in 2019 IWF – Les Mills CHINA
    Post time: Mar-14-2019

    Les Mills creates the world’s best workouts, available in clubs around the world or anywhere on demand. As a starting of 2019, IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo held THE ONE 2019 Les Mills CHINA Trainer Selection and 2019 Les Mills CHINA Q1 Training on 8th and 9th on March. There were many new members...Read more »

  • Southeast Asia Development – IWF came to Thailand, meeting ACE
    Post time: Mar-10-2019

    IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo (In Short: IWF) devotes itself to creating more business opportunities for exhibitors, bringing more latest and the most professional courses to fitness staff and enthusiasts and also providing institutes with a platform to spread knowledge and expand members. The train...Read more »

  • Event Highlight in 2019 IWF – Radical Asia Summit 2019
    Post time: Mar-05-2019

    Radical Fitness® is an international company with offices in the United Sates (New York), New Zealand (Wellington) and Argentina (Buenos Aires), specialising in the development of group fitness training programs with more than 25 years of experience. Radical Fitness® is continually at the cutti...Read more »

  • Event Highlight in 2019 IWF – TeraWellness 1012 Dance Marathon
    Post time: Mar-03-2019

    On Marth 8th, International Women Day, there were hundreds of girls, joining the 1012 Dance for 3 hours. TeraWellness 1012 Dance is organized by Ali Sports & Weider Fitness Academy, consisting by many constructors, trainers, physical experts and famous stars in dance groups. Lasting for 3 ...Read more »