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S-Force combines a specifically designed motion, two active positions and magnetic resistance to build fast-twitch muscle fiber essential to speed and power in the bodys horizontal acceleration position. Resistance increases the harder the athlete works, so even elite athletes can develop more explosive starts in less training time.


iwf shanghai


Impulse HSP-PRO 001 Air Resistance Training Machine

The Impulse HSP professional physical training equipment is a perfect solution of multiple and customized functional training needs. It is designed to improve explosive power, endurance, speed, agility and dynamic balance. It can meet different requirements of professional athletes, sports teams, physical training center and commercial gyms.

The Impulse HSP-PRO001 equipped with double training arms, the cable joint end can rotate 360 degrees with the change of force direction of the trainer, ensuring the comfort of the strength exertion and variable force direction need during the training process.










iwf shanghai


SHUA V9+ ( SH-T8919T ) treadmill adopts ergonomic design, delivering the smooth, comfortable and effective exercise experience. High performance, durability, reliability and stability are all its specialty. With the integrated console, various exercise programs and data are available, offering an intuitive experience. Moreover, the incline function gives the most efficient workout, allowing to burn more calories and keep healthy.







Post time: Mar-09-2022