List of China Fitness Ceremonies




List of China Fitness Ceremonies

IWF China Fitness Festival has been for ten years, always adhere to create a fashion fitness festival integrated with the think tank forum, competition, award ceremony, education, training, interactive experience  for the sports fitness industry elite, clubs, studios, coaches and fitness enthusiasts, share the latest industry trends and formats information, experience the forefront of festival content and the trend of movement.




  • Think Tank Forum:

Sports and Fitness Industry Development Summit

2023 IWF Opening Ceremony and 10th Anniversary “Insight the Trend & Lead the Innovation” Forum # IP

Yangtze River Delta Sports and Fitness Industry Integration Construction  Summit

Sports Got Talent Content Innovation and Development Forum

The 4th SGP Pilates Summit and 3rd Jianyao Yangtze River Yoga Pilates Swan Award Ceremony

China Private Trainer Development Roundtable Forum

The New Decade for Fitness Coach Summit

Club Management Summit

2023 IWF China Fitness Leadership Forum (10th Edition)#IP

China Fitness Club Intelligent Management Innovation Forum # IP

The 3rd China Fitness Club Human Resources Summit

Club Venues Data Operation Exchange Forum



  • Youth Sports Education Summit

Sports Event Industry Management Forum

Market Opportunities and Industry Development for Children’s Sports Education Forum

Youth Body Training Organization Operation and Management Forum



  • Sports Nutrition Summit

The 4th China Sports Nutrition and Food Market Industry Forum

China Health and Nutrition Products Innovation Forum

Plant Based Break the Sports Nutrition New Market

Probiotic Assists Sports Nutrition Industry New Trends

Sports Drinks Consumption Trend Promotes the New Way of Sports Nutrition



  • Sports Technology Summit

Sports Technology Product Innovation and Trend Forum

China Sports Technology (Cross-border) Overseas Brand Forum

B2B Business Negotiation (Closed Door Meeting)



  • Competitions

Modern Sports Style The 7th China Sports and Fitness Space Design Competition # IP

Fitness and bodybuilding events

2023 CBBA PRO-IWF China Bodybuilding and Fitness Elite Professional League (Shanghai Station)

2023 DMS Championship Classic (Shanghai Station)

2023 IWF MS Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Rookie Competition and College League

2023 Yangtze River Delta Fitness and Yoga Performance Open Tournament



  • Physical Fitness Events

Yangtze River Delta Rope Skipping Champion(5th Edition)

Spartan DEKA Strong

IWF x Tiger China 2nd Muay Thai Competition



  • Award Ceremony

Ten years · 2023 IWF Shining Shanghai Anniversary Party #IP

The 4rd SUPER ICON China Super Star Awards Ceremony#IP

The Second Sports Technology New Power Award Ceremony & Intelligent New Product Press Conference # IP



  • Interactive Experience:

Moment Mark Activity-Decrypt IWF 10th Anniversary Tour # IP

“Be Perfect ” Sports and Fitness Live Flash Mob

“Tide Sports & Cool Fitness” Outdoor Sports Carnival

LesMills Q1 New Routine Press Conference

ZUMBA X IWF Spring Carnival



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