2022 IWF end, but new start! See you next March!

On September 1st, 2022IWF International Fitness Exhibition was successfully concluded in Nanjing International Expo Center! As this year’s industry long-awaited sports and fitness exhibition, this year’s exhibition carries too much significance and expectations. Despite the repeated outbreak of the epidemic, the delay of the exhibition and moving to Nanjing, there are still many well-known enterprises from all over the world to launch the brand blockbuster new products, and jointly write a new chapter of China’s sports and fitness on the IWF, a big exhibition platform. So far, the organizing committee of IWF International Fitness Exhibition also expresses its most sincere thanks to all the exhibitors, visitors, visitors and colleagues in the industry!



The exhibition to Nanjing, IWF international fitness exhibition in the local sports federation of Jiangsu province, sports bureau, Nanjing, Nanjing international chamber of commerce, Nanjing CCPIT (exhibition) and other government departments, focusing on the development prospects of sports fitness consumption and service market, based on the local reality, explore to “government guide + + enterprises to participate in exhibition service” as the mode of the advantage of industrial cluster.


Pan Wei, chairman of Donnor Exhibition Group, said, “Nanjing is located in the” geographical center “of the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta. It is an important node of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the junction of” Belt and Road “, connecting the east and west, south and north, with unique geographical advantages. With the support of sports and trade promotion departments in Jiangsu province and Nanjing city, the IWF International Fitness Exhibition will further penetrate into the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta and connect with a broader market and huge consumer groups.”

Sports industry science and technology exhibition in Jiangsu province, Nanjing jiye sports industry alliance enterprise roadshow seminar, “sharing opportunities to build good” 2022 Nanjing sports industry investment promotion activities, coagulation hearts meet force promoted the development of the sports industry of high quality, to speed up the formation of “body production fusion” new economic model, promote the construction of new scenes, new model and upgrade has played an important role.

Zhang Haifeng, chairman of the Asian Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation and chairman of the China Bodybuilding Association, said that the IWF International Fitness Exhibition was held in Nanjing for the first time, which not only made innovations in content and form, but also pushed the fitness atmosphere of Nanjing, such a historical ancient capital integrating the characteristics of north and south, to a new climax.

As an important platform for domestic and overseas exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, IWF International Fitness Exhibition has been deeply engaged for nine years, and has continuously promoted the development and upgrading of the sports and fitness industry with the exhibition scale and platform value noticed by the industry.

The exhibition gathered the fitness equipment, club, youth sports, sports fashion shoes and equipment, sports nutrition, sports technology, fitness club pool equipment suppliers and solutions, held CSE Shanghai swimming SPA exhibition, SNH international sports nutrition exhibition, CIST international sports technology exhibition, YES youth sports expo, StaF Shanghai sports venues, Jiangsu province sports industry science and technology achievements exhibition, realize the complementary resources, formed a complete supply chain.

“After the IWF International Fitness Exhibition moved to Nanjing, it once again showed a professional level and market vitality, which played an important role in linking the whole industrial chain.”Liu Shun, editorial board member of China Sports Press and editor-in-chief of Health and Beauty magazine, said that the exhibition will give full play to the gathering effect of Nanjing, a famous sports city, to promote national health with” national fitness “, make the development of competitive sports more diversified and the sports industry more innovative vitality.

With intelligence, innovation and technology as the entry point, the exhibition caters to the new trend of intelligence and digitalization, takes advantage of the east wind of the national fitness policy, deeply excavates the market demand, layout the sports industry market, and brings more professional services and more comprehensive experience to customers in the Yangtze River Delta and the whole country.

ICOOLTECH latest research and development of ultra-low temperature alternating cold cycle liquid nitrogen cold therapy chamber as the world’s first hot spa, cold therapy interaction module, can quickly achieve ultra-low temperature-160℃ and thermal cycle 50℃ contrast difference, contribute to efficient body function repair effect, this technology has been used in the national badminton team, basketball team and other sports team members in the body recovery.

Limei China released a new technology hardware product Laimei smart fitness box at the IWF exhibition site, which will bring the globally popular Limei training content as a cinema-level fitness experience to fitness enthusiasts in an intelligent and high-tech way. The equipment does not need to be operated by real coaches or special personnel, and the class schedule is played automatically continuously throughout the time to improve the operation efficiency.

MONAMI® manali with the 2022 annual upgrade RINGO series T3 treadmill, the French design team to upgrade hao mai, screen on the basis of the second generation treadmill made huge upgrade change, operation into a double control design, flying shuttle knob and control button seamless switch operation, double convenience, double appearance level, three times the safety.

Empty this fitness release new intelligent electric group training equipment, through the integrated computer control system mode instructions, make intelligent equipment start and by human wit interactive collection, feedback information, the strength test, training position, training posture into data, establish trainer archives, generate exclusive high customized training scheme, intelligent equipment to receive training tasks, make exercise more reasonable, more scientific.


Yunkangbao adopts the advanced industry technology to provide people with intelligent and efficient fitness management solutions. On the basis of the BIA biological measurement method, the runcobo PureBIA algorithm is developed, equipped with an eight-electrode, five-segment and dual-frequency measurement mode, which can measure various body composition more accurately, even if the sex and age of the tester are changed, it does not affect the measurement results.

The participation of many subdivided brands also injects fresh blood into the exhibition, realizing the “closed loop” from the production and manufacturing of upstream products, to the consumption and purchase experience in the midstream, and then to the downstream competition, activities, training and other application scenarios.


In the upsurge of going overseas, Chinese sports equipment enterprises have become a strong new power representative. For such a high-profile field, IWF International Fitness Exhibition is naturally firmly seizing the opportunity, together with Amazon and cross-border E-commerce Working Committee of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce to help Chinese enterprises connect global, and realize the brand to the sea.


In addition, the three-day exhibition held the China influence club President, 2022IWF China fitness leader BBS, China fitness club intelligent development trend, Yangtze river delta sports fitness industry integration development summit, young body culture project advanced management BBS, “blue yu” China fitness club pool management and management summit many think-tank BBS, further exchange industry hot issues and case sharing, in the industry trend, looking for key variables, mining development opportunities, jointly promote the industry high quality innovation and development.


As a promoter and an active participant in fitness and bodybuilding sports, The IWF International Fitness Show, together with the major event organizers, Standardize, promote and prosper the healthy development of the fitness industry, The three major heavyweight events in the field of Chinese fitness and bodybuilding are gathered at the exhibition site. —— 2022 CBBAPRO-IWF China Bodybuilding Elite Professional League (Nanjing Station), 2022DMS Champion Classic (Nanjing Station), 2022 IWF MS bodybuilding bikini Rookie Competition and College League, In addition to showing the power and beauty, And even more stylish, Make the game more interesting and exciting, Strive to present a fitness industry high standard, high level, wonderful professional fitness fitness events.


The 6th Modern Sports Style China Sports and Fitness Space Design Competition, Villa Garden Courtyard Design Competition Golden Pen Award ceremony, “Swimming Industry Star” and many other activities also lead the development of the sports and fitness industry with its professionalism and authority.



More IWF fitness ceremony continuing education open class, Zhongying College Pilates education class industry big coffee mentors gathered at the scene, to bring the latest sports concept.


Over the past year, many trendy sports have emerged, and the rise of niche has shown momentum in sports. IWF international fitness show with industry development trend, introduced the BoardsBro X IWF2022 in the exhibition Lu Chong experience activities, Nanjing “young line” parkour challenge, and the second 2022 the Yangtze river delta sports festival skipping competition and the fourth Yangtze river delta rope skipping championship, the most beautiful Chinese fitness yoga show happiness theme and 2022 Jiangsu fourth fitness yoga club league, Zumba X IWF summer carnival, “koi pool” water fitness carnival theme sports events.


At the same time, in order to continuously upgrade everyone’s viewing experience, IWF specially set up “IWF Discovery Road” and “Never miss the Night” trunk market, relying on the young and intimate content of the market style, gather the audience to participate.


n March, 2023

Shanghai New International Expo Center

The IWF International Fitness Show invites you to celebrate your 10th anniversary!

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