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1.Grasp вашия дял от Китай Бума Фитнес & здравни продукти на пазара

2.Comprehensive Покритие - богат избор на доставчици и марки

3.Partner с OEM / ODM Доставчици за нови бизнес сделки

4.Business съвпадение в удобно за Вас

5.Learn от велики умове на индустрията в IWF Шанхай семинари и срещи на високо равнище

IWF Шанхай Експо Фитнес

Cultivating Chinese Marketing in 6 Years, Exceeding With Mastery

Effective & Comprehensive Trade Show


IWF Шанхай Експо Фитнес


Expecting Industry Convention

More than exhibiting products and business negotiation, IWF SHANGHAI is also a party for social relationship, brand promotion, communicating technology and thought and education etc. It a prior platform for grasping the latest development, marketing and technology.

IWF Шанхай Експо Фитнес

Solutions for Integrated Marketing

IWF SHANGHAI offers mature and complete annual marketing solution for companies who wants to enter or develop oversea marketing by exhibition promotion, social media, news press, EMD, offline events, trading pair, innovative product area and Media etc.. Before exhibition, the exhibitors has already profited all the service by the marketing.

IWF Шанхай Експо Фитнес

Global Promotion

IWF SHANGHAI is held in Shanghai which the the most active and developed business in China, even in the world, and the first choice for most international brands to enter China. You can not only purchase here, but also comprehend the developing trend of China fitness market, and also look for Chinese agent, dealers and OEM/ODM.

IWF Шанхай Експо Фитнес